Establish relationship
Becoming a Hutmtech customer is easy. There are no signup costs, and we’ll do all the work to help you transition from your current supplier. Simply complete the become a customer form and we will contact you. Helpful information to have ready:
? Your business size and number of employees.
? Average yearly supply spend.
? Products you would like to receive quoted contract pricing for (computer peripherals and smartphone accessories, technology, ODM etc.).
? Any memberships to Group PurchasingOrganizations (GPOs).
Starting your program
Once we better understand your needs, we can begin customizing a supply program that’s tailored to your business. We’ll work with you to get your program implemented quickly and according to your timetable. Here’s what you’ll get:
? Fast setup process to maximize immediate return on your new program.
? Resources to accelerate employee training and program adoption.
? Seamless integration with your eProcurement systems.

Customer service
From product advice to delivery information, you’ll always find the answers you need fast. Our policy is to resolve customer questions on the first contact — because nobody wants to spend their day on hold.

Payment Methods makes paying for your orders easy by providing a range of convenient payment options.
Below is a guide to the different payment methods, you can choose the right way for you.
Please Note: Your order will now have been placed, but will not start processing your order until you have paid the full amount.

1. Paypal Account

2. Westernunion
First name: yonghong
Last name: hu
Address: China
Postal code: 518103

3. T/T
Bank Address: Head Office 1 Queen's Road Central Hong Kong
Account Number: 801 449 976 838

Notice: After successfully transferring the funds, please email Your Order Number, Paying amount and bank slip to your service sales or We want to remind all customers they are responsible for any local handling fees and Intermediary bank handling fees. Therefore, customers should confirm total payment amounts with their local bank.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at:

Warranty chooses products to sell based on their excellent designs and proven hardware reliability. In this way, we guarantee the quality of our products.

We check all of your orders during the packing stage to make sure that the right accessories are included and that the adapters and other standards are correct for your country.
We have a QA team to test if the products you ordered are functioning correctly before we pack and send them to you.This is an additional check in addition to the normal quality assurance checks that all the goods have passed in the factory line.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at soon.

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